Sunday, 1 July 2012

About Louise

Louise Eaton is an exceptional and unique British woman. She is a talented medium, spiritual teacher, powerful healer, reflexologist and massage therapist. Being totally blind since childhood, her abilities and dedication are all the more impressive.

By the age of six, Louise’s sixth sense was very strong. She was aware of the Spirit World around her and could hear them talking, but didn't understand what was happening and was very afraid. She was also highly clairvoyant, dreaming of events, which would happen soon after.

Growing up in a boarding school, it wasn’t until her father passed away that Louise’s extraordinary spiritual journey really began and her abilities were discovered. As a keepsake, her mother gave Louise a ring her father used to wear. On wearing it, she began to pick up her father’s energy and the sensations he experienced just before he died, knowing instantly the cause of his death.

In a conversation Louise learned her awareness of Spirit gave her the ability to be a medium  She chose to nurture this gift and trained in spiritual development groups for seven years. Since that time five years ago Louise has been appearing all over the UK. Creating three-way communications between the Spirit World, audiences and herself, by hearing, feeling and sensing Spirit, Louise passes on valuable messages to loved ones. Her blindness serves as an advantage and gives uniqueness to her gifts.

Relying on her link with Spirit, Louise also conducts her own development groups. She teaches others how to cultivate their own psychic abilities; traits she insists everyone possesses. Blessed with healing gifts she has trained in spiritual healing, massage and reflexology, which benefits many people.

Louise is a witty, charming and down-to-earth woman, typical of her northern English roots. She is based in the cosmopolitan city of Brighton on the south coast of England. With love, empathy, compassion, understanding and respect, Louise invites you to learn the truth that the Spirit World is a reality and not just a myth.